To ensure you and your dogs time at Blossoms field is totally stress free please read our field rules.  By using Blossoms field you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Opening times will vary throughout the year, we are not open after dark so please keep an eye on our booking times for any changes.


Please make sure you leave enough time within your hour to vacate the field to allow for  the next booking, it is vital that reactive dogs do not meet outside of the field. Your time slots can not be extended so please try to give yourself plenty of time to get to us.


Please clean up after your dogs,  there are spare bags and a bin within the field.


Please make sure your dogs vaccinations are up to date, this is important for us as a field owner not to spread nasty unwanted bugs.


At times the field may be muddy always come prepared with appropriate foot wear.


Please respect that surrounding grazing land may have live stock on, do not allow your dogs of the lead outside the perimeter of the field.


Fencing and field inspections are made daily, if any concerns arise please ring Sally on 07732031407


If your dog is showing any ill health it is wise to avoid using the field and cancelling your booking to avoid spreading unnecessary disease to other dogs.


Please remember this field is for you to enjoy your dog’s freedom, you are using it at your own risk and we can not be held responsible for any injury or damage.


While this is a secure field, you may be the owner of an escape artist who can jump the fence, if your dog is prone to escaping we recommend using a training lead until the dog becomes familiar with it surroundings.  We cannot take responsibility for escaping dogs.


We absolutely welcome supervised children to our field.


In the event that the field has to be closed full refunds will be offered or an alternative session can be booked.


Payment to be made prior to arrival, cancellations can be made up to 48 hour before with a full refund.

Finally please enjoy your time in Blossoms Field, in case of emergency please contact Sally on 07732031407.